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  • March 27, 2023

Health & Safety

Our highly secured classrooms are embedded with fun-filled learning centers where supervised play is a top priority for the development for the child’s Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Fine/Gross Motor & School Readiness skills. Our enclosed and spacious outdoor playground areas are divided according to age group.

Our center has safety procedures in place for entering and leaving your child at the center. Parents must sign their children In and Out upon arrival and departure. Parents must sign their children in or out upon arrival or departure by using our Time Attendance Access Control System. Our parent handbook details our Arrival and Departure Procedure at Sunrise. Our secured entrance doors along with our CC Camera Monitor, alert us when someone enters or leaves the building.

Once buzzed into the building, perspective clients or visitor are not allowed to have immediate access to our classrooms or the children, until the director has verified your identity, Our Center’s goal is to provide many hours of safe and healthy childcare opportunities for your little ones in classrooms that are designed to meet your child’s daily needs.

What Our Program Provides

  • Clean and spacious classrooms designed to meet your child’s health and safety needs.
  • State approved developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities
  • Nutritious Meals, Special Diet and Snacks included in tuition
  • Affordable High Quality Care
  • Vouchers accepted and sibling discounts
  • Before and after school Enrichment Programs serving Rosemont, Washington Grove, Sequoyah & Forest Oak
  • Safe and fenced outdoor playgrounds for each age group
  • Daily enriching activities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Concepts), Literacy, Spanish, Art, Music & Exploring Montessori Hands On Concepts.
  • Summer Camp Programs