Monthly Parent Newsletter | February 2020


National Children Dental Health Month
Friday, February 7th
Let’s learn to keep our Teeth Clean!
The month of February is a great opportunity for students to learn healthy habits. With all the Valentine’s Day treats this month, our local dentist will be visiting our school.

Valentine’s Day
Friday, February 14th
Love is in the Air!  On Friday, February 14th students will celebrate their
Valentine’s Day party with friends in their classroom. Please see letter attached.

President’s Day
(No School) Monday, February 17th

100th Day of School
Friday, February 29th
Let’s Celebrate 100 Days of School!
Can you believe we have been in school for 100 days?
Our students have learned so much in 100 days and it has been an amazing experience watching them grow. On Friday, February 28th we will be celebrating 100 Days of School with lots of fun activities. To make this day memorable, we ask that Preschool and Pre-k students come dress to look 100 Years Old.

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