2 Year Old Program

Our 2yrs old classrooms: Explorer 1 & 2
Where Fine & Gross Motor Skills Are Developed. Self-help Skills Are Encouraged.

Our two year old program focuses on the fundamental skills that foster self-awareness, independence and positive social skills to increase your child’s ability to participate in a group setting. This is accomplished in a warm, safe and supportive environment utilizing the balance of structured activities and free play (indoors and outdoors). Children will be introduced to art using hands on open-ended crafts designed to allow exploration and creativity. This provides great learning experiences for each child as we prepare them for early learning and school readiness.

We incorporate these activities in our daily routine while preparing your child for our pre-k program. We encourage each child to enjoy these activities at his or her own pace. Activities that are developed through the MCPS Curriculum (2.0) with an emphasis on letters, numbers, shapes, colors and language skills will help prepare your 2 year old for our pre-k program. Through this program, they will be on their way to master the skills necessary for either the public or private school system.

Curriculum & Learning Activities

Social & Emotional Development
- Develop self-esteem through self-awareness and a positive self-image
- Develop Social growth development through daily interaction with peers & teachers for greater interaction in the public or private schools
- Develop independence through learning how to care for oneself
- Develop great listening skills/Turn-taking skills/Sharing etc

Academic Readiness
- Recognition of Letters & beginning sounds
- Recognition of First name in print
- Recognition of basic shapes: Circle/Rectangle/Oval/Triangle/Square/Star
- Recognition of Numbers 0 - 25
- Counting skills 0 - 25
- Recognition of basic colors: Red/Blue/Green/Brown/Yellow/Black/Purple/Orange

Communication Development
- Receptive Language - What the child understands & comprehends/ His/Her ability to Follow directions.
- Expressive Language- The child’s ability to vocalize Needs/Wants/Thoughts & Ideas

Fine Motor Skills
- Introduction to Training Scissors & Cutting
- Creative expression using Crayons & Markers/ Finger Painting/Using brushes & Dot To Dot Paint

Gross Motor Skills
- Encouraging development of Large muscles coordination (Running/ Jumping/Kicking & Throwing balls)
- Encourage development of good body control such as (Balancing/Exercising/Dancing etc

Arts & Crafts
Art & Craft is based on the theme of the month incorporating dramatic play and cultural experiences.

Open Ended Art Activities
- Songs
- Finger plays
- Stories and Language Development (Alphabet Recognition)
- Dramatic Play
- Water Play
- Sensory Exploration
- How Things Work
- Fitting things together, Stacking, Things that Spin, Peek-a-Boo, Emptying & filling/Different ways of Moving
- Large & Small motor development
- Primary Colors & Shapes Recognition
- Listening Activities – Following Directions
- Comparative (Matching Shapes & Sizes
- Sharing & Taking Turns
- Cause & Effect