Mrs. Semera Fahnbulleh

Executive Director
Dear Parents,

Sunrise Early Learning Center would like to welcome you and your family to your new, if not first childcare center, serving our community since 2000. A unique, safe and comfortable environment, where caring, hugging and cuddling are all significant parts of our daily activities. A highly secured, fun-filled learning environment, where play is also a top priority for the development of the child’s social and school skills. A place marked by excellent communication between the provider and the parents. The latter are always welcome and encouraged to visit at any time of the day. We provide developmental progress reports. When the need arises we schedule parent conferences.

The hallmark of SunRise is loving, learning, Guiding and Teaching; where children are greeted enthusiastically when they arrive and given warm goodbyes when they leave. This signifies the kind or ‘open relationship’ that has continued to help us grow; and certainly, SunRise relies on its many happy children and parent’s referral for her success.

SunRise appreciates your confidence and trust, and hope to partner with you and your family as we develop your child‘s Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Intellectual and Physical well being.

Respectfully yours,
Mrs. Semera Fahnbulleh

Gayahtu Fahnbulleh Program Director
Sunrise Early Learning Center
Ashley Frazier 2 Year Olds
Known to her class as Ms. Ashley
Ms. Ayesha Toddlers/2 Year Olds
Known to her class as Ms. Ayesha
Buphinder Kaur Infant/Toddlers
Known to her class as Mrs. Buphinder
Michelle Simms 3/4 Year Olds
Known to her class as "Ms. Michelle"
Sylvana McIntosh Infants/Toddlers
Known to her class as Ms. Sylvana
Ms. Gameria 3 Year Olds
Known to her class as Ms. Gameria
Ms. Deepthi Pre-K
Known to her class to Ms. Deepthi
Ms. Kishawnie 4 Year Olds
Known to his class as Ms. Kishawnie
Ms. Christine 2 Year Olds
Known to her class as Ms. Christine