Sunrise Early Learning Center

Our Philosophy

We believe in the uniqueness of each child. Therefore, we incorporate active play time in a fun-filled learning environment for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers.

We thrive to enhance Self Esteem, Independence, Emotional & Social capacities, Physical, Cognitive and Readiness skills; and at the same time, provide safe, healthy and nurturing environment for children to play, learn and get along with others as they grow.

Our philosophy of education focuses on the whole child, therefore, our curriculum is designed for children’s development and advancement; no matter how young, no matter how small, no matter how shy, no matter how long it requires to train a child, each child will be loved, nurtured, cared for and will feel a sense of BELONGING, COMMUNITY, LOVE, RESPECT, and SECURITY in a home away from home where families are encouraged to build lasting memories and relationships .

We at Sunrise hope to provide many hours of EXCELLENT and WARMHEARTED care for your children in a NURTURING ENVIRONMENT.



Our Educational Method

Literacy Programs - 92%
Learning Programs - 97%
Creative Exploration - 94%
Play time - 100%

Our Class Groups

Our program caters to children 6wks to 24mos; and is geared toward making sure each child reach his/her developmental milestone. At Sunrise, your child will always be loved and well cared for. Read More
Our 2yrs old program is designed to promote Warmth, Learning and Independence. Our Program encourages small group activities such as sharing & Cooperative play. Read More
Where Learning Begins, with Hands on Activities. Our 3yrs old program caters to the educational growth of each child. Hence our classrooms are designed and labeled in meaningful center areas. Read More
In our 4 - 5yrs old programs, students are challenged in a caring and loving environment that prepares them Intellectually, Physically, Artistically, Emotionally & Socially to begin Kindergarten. Read More

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve all children equally, fairly and respectfully; regardless of race, sex, and ethnicity, place of origin or religious affiliation. Additionally, we lay the foundation necessary to expose children to diverse learning and developmental experiences that explore their unlimited potential, while establishing a shared value system of quality care, trust, and age appropriate programs that are fundamental for school readiness.

What Our Program Provides

Clean and spacious classrooms designed to meet your child’s health and safety needs.
State approved developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities
Nutritious meals and snacks included in tuition
Affordable High Quality Care
Vouchers accepted and sibling discounts
Before and after school Enrichment Programs serving Rosemont, Washington Grove, Se-quoyah & Forest Oak
Safe and fenced outdoor playgrounds for each age group
Daily enriching activities in Math, Science, Literary, Art, Computer & Music
Summer Camp Programs

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